Photo of a shadowed hand on a blue, pink and purple screen

‘I catch myself’ by Heni Tinker

Text that reads: 'I catch myself / As I oscillate between binaries / I try to reform my tissue / As I clutch shame pressed to'
Text reading: 'iron cortex my body holds me / As I cling encircling ivy / I become a site marking gender'
Text reading: As I turn over the fine print / sections where I intersect / As I falter regurgitating diagnostics'
Text reading: 'always ready nature nurture / As I return unsung love songs to myself to manifestations of body'
Photo of a shadowed hand on a blue, pink and purple screen

About the author

Heni Tinker (They/Them) is a queer, neurodivergent poet from Wales, currently living in Brighton. They create poetry about identity, embodiment, magic and nature and have had their poems published in such places Offshoot Zine, The Channel, The Hysteria Collective and Terse Journal. Their poetry draws inspiration from the work of Rebecca Tamas, CA Conrad and Bhanu Kapil among others. More of their work can be found on instagram @heni.tinker and Medium

Photo by Alex Conradt on Unsplash.

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