Photo of glass streaked with rain

‘boyz’ by josie/jocelyn Suzanne

white background with black text reading: I look at the boys - baby mullets curl-curve/base of neck - store-bought masks ear loops white shoelaces - kingdoms of exile - blonde metal at noon – three chairs 5 ft apart because they’re not outside. Passing man clasps one— they grimace— staggers to the Sydney Rd. Bunnings’
white background with black text reading '- pink polo, green jockey, “white drip” stitched over breast/heart - facial hair a thin harvest pork pie hats haircut too much - they see me, through glass they’re safe until you regard them - they always '
white background with black text reading: have a rationale for action * - I walk home down Victoria Rd, a car drives past slurs out the window disappears as
I walk home * - very validating, good post/poem in the making, I think, without dopamine. I get home and tell you. Tell you. Tell you.
Photo of glass

About the author

josie/jocelyn Suzanne is a freelance writer/would be translator. Their work has appeared in The Suburban Review, Rabbit journal, Australian Poetry Journal and Overland, among others. In 2021 they were one of the recipients of the Ultimo Prize for poetry and the Harri Jones memorial prize. They are a genderqueer transfemme. They live on unceded Wurundjeri land.

Photo by Wenniel Lun on Unsplash.

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