About #EnbyLife

#EnbyLife started out as a zine, born in July 2016. It was a paper and digital zine of collected stories, poetry, comics and art by non-binary and gender diverse people. It became an important means for people in my community and Australia-wide to share their stories and read the stories of others.

Ever since it’s publication, I received enthusiastic responses to revive #EnbyLife, however I have made changes that mean #EnbyLife is more accessible and ethical.

1. #EnbyLife is now an online journal, which will be more available to a wider audience, to those who cannot buy a physical or digital zine, and most importantly, for those with screen readers.

2. #EnbyLife will pay contributors. When the zine was published, I gave each contributor a copy of the zine and the money made from sales was donated to a LGBTQIA+ charity. I don’t believe this was enough, because artists and creatives should be paid for their work. I want to make sure I do this with #EnbyLife journal.

In 2020, #EnbyLife journal paired with Baby Teeth Journal to create the queer digital zine Leaf Pile.

In a world where diverse and marginalised voices are so often not heard, considered or understood, #EnbyLife journal will showcase the creative works of non-binary and gender diverse creatives, and pay them for their work.

Sincerely and queerly,

Rae White
#EnbyLife founding editor

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash