What is #EnbyLife?

#EnbyLife is an online journal by and for non-binary and gender diverse people. For more info, visit the About #EnbyLife page.

Who can submit?

If you fall under the gender diverse and/or non-binary umbrella (e.g. genderqueer, gender fluid, agender, bigender, demigender, non-binary trans women and nonbinary trans men, gender questioning, just to name a few …) — we want your work! If you’re worried that you’re not ‘non-binary enough’ to submit to #EnbyLife, let us reassure you: YOU ARE NON-BINARY ENOUGH.

I’m cisgender, can I submit something to #EnbyLife?

No. If you are cisgender (i.e. identify with the gender you were assigned at birth), we recommend you seek out other submission opportunities.

When are submissions open?

Submissions to #EnbyLife are currently open indefinitely. Follow our Twitter and Instagram so you can stay updated!

How do I submit my work?

Submit to #EnbyLife by emailing with the subject line SUBMISSION: Title of your submission. If relevant, please also include content/trigger warnings at the top of the document or in your email.

What can I submit?

Poetry including text and visual poems, essays, non-fiction, short stories, flash fiction and micro fiction, comics, artwork and illustrations, audio such as slam poems and music, RPGs and text-based games, digital zines, hybrid and experimental pieces, AND work that doesn’t fall neatly into any of these categories. If you think we can put it on a website, send it our way! Note: For written work, we’d prefer it to be under 5000 words. We also do not accept full manuscripts.

Will I get paid?

Yes! #EnbyLife pays $20 (AUD) honorarium to each artist published.

This small amount is not a reflection of your work. We wish we could pay you more but we don’t have the budget. We continue to seek funding and grant opportunities every year.

#EnbyLife is currently funded through the generosity of Patreon and was previously funded by the Gender Reveal Podcast Grant.

When I submit, do I need to use my name?

You can use a name of your choice, a pseudonym, or remain anonymous. Totally up to you!

Can I submit previously published work?

While we generally prefer new work, we’re very happy to consider previously published work. For example, if a previously published piece had a small local or zine readership, or was published under an old/dead name (we’d love to help you see your previous work published under your new/correct name!)

How can I spread the word about #EnbyLife submissions?

Please feel free to print out our A4 submissions flyer in colour or black & white and pop them up around your community. Thank you in advance! We love you!

Why wasn’t my submission chosen for publication?

#EnbyLife aims to publish as many non-binary and gender diverse creatives as possible within our budget. Unfortunately we can’t publish every submission we receive, due to receiving a large number of submissions or because a creative piece isn’t the right fit for the journal on this occasion. When our editors have enough time and spoons, we try our best to give feedback on rejected submissions.