Photo of read flowers with white text over the top reading: ‘Unearth / Pushing daisies through my gut / ‘Til they see the other side / I relinquish what’s not mine / Not my time / Yet, how deep I can churn / Spilling coffee grounds / Bitter soil, damp and granular / Speckled nothings / Fragrance always reminding me / Of memories I wish I’d shed / Wet sediment caked under fingernails / Cementing crevasses that I’m yet to find / Neglected seeds in forgotten bed / I’ve outgrown my head / And my sandpapered skin has worn / Thin, topsoil loose enough / To vanish in the wind’.

‘Unearth’ by Alicia Salvanos

About the artist

Alicia Salvanos is a non-binary multimedia artist living on Kaurna Land in Adelaide, South Australia. Much like their work, they are always caught between phases of impulsivity and permanency. They recently completed an Express Media mentorship in Digital Storytelling and are currently studying Sonic Arts and Palaeontology. They believe that everyone has more than one clear path in life and enjoy finding new ways to explore everyday situations.

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