Photo of a diamond reflecting light and a rainbow.

‘Passing Poem’ by Kai Schweizer

Content warning: gun mention.

Passing Poem

my gender is a weapon
I concealed carry;
hold close but never

they call this
a privilege;
to disappear into a crowd,
to be assumed
to the untrained eye

as if
is the
default setting

they call this

which is to say
someone else

which is to say
I am
I am

Photo of a diamond reflecting light and a rainbow.

About the author

Kai Schweizer is a writer, sexologist, youth worker, and LGBTIQA+ specialist located in Boorloo (Perth). They are the former President of the Curtin Writers Club and represented WA at the 2017 Australian National Poetry Slam. They have recently completed a Master’s dissertation studying eating disorders in trans people assigned female at birth. Someday, they hope to undertake a large, mixed-methods PhD study further looking at rates of disordered eating and eating disorders amongst trans and gender diverse Australians. Kai is currently obsessed with the devolution of sloths, the mating rituals of cuttlefish, and a retro video game called Kingdom. You can find them online at:

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash.

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