Watercolour painting with blue, purple, green and pink colours

“What are you today?” (or what it means to be genderfluid for me) – by Ari Ochoa Petzold

And don’t tell me I’m “confused” when
you haven’t experienced the hurricane

of thoughts yourself, as water droplets
leak from you.

That some days, it might be okay
to call me your girl, your princess,
while others I long for the boy, the knight.

That some days I expend hours
trying to decide how to dress,
how to dance.

I would like you
to understand that some days
xe might be okay, and others
they will be horrible.


We travel across a
that does not have
but more like a
of watercolor shades.

Drifting through the asphalt.
No need for the radio with
the automobile moving itself.

I am                                        co-pilot

Not in                                     co-ntrol

So, I ask:

“Do you know a car named the Beetle?”
Imagine a light blue with black interior –

Watercolour painting with blue, purple, green and pink colours

About the author

Ari Ochoa Petzold (they/xe) is a Mexican-Venezuelan genderfluid writer who currently lives in México. They like dancing to old music and history. In their free time you can find xem trying to coerce their friends to participate in another of their crazy projects. Find more of xyr work in the Sea Glass Magazine, Hooligan Mag and at Instagram in @Ari_gibberish.

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash.

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