Photo of waves on a seashore with blue and pink hues.

‘The Sculptor and the Sea’ by Monty

Take my blue blue heart and kiss me soft, my dear.
With your warm hands you sculpt me
into who I want to see
when I look in the mirror.
I take shape in your embrace, and with your touch,
you breathe life into me.
Your eyes are the truest reflection I’ve known,
blue as a crystal lake
inviting me to dive in
oh and darling, I do.

We are scuba divers, exploring the vast unknown
looking for pieces of ourselves:
the greatest treasure. We share
the wealth, the joy of self-discovery.

I led you to the hunt. I was the first explorer.
But now I watch in wonder
as your mermaid’s tail flickers off unguided.
You conquer this ocean of identity
on your own, but I am not left behind.
I am a barnacle, clinging to you.
Your happiness feeds mine.

We navigate these choppy waters together.
Who can say who the captain is?
Sometimes it feels as if we take turns.
Maybe there is no captain. Maybe we’re drifting aimlessly.
Maybe we will drown, but I can see the horizon
and an island is surfacing just for us
and all others like us.

And I know we’ll be fine because you
are a beautiful creature of the sea
and I am a construct that breathes no air
and so we can never drown.
We’ll just hold hands
until we float ashore.

Photo of waves on a seashore with blue and pink hues.

About the author

Monty uses they/them pronouns and lives in rural Victoria. They’re a freelance writer and blogger who can’t stop talking about birds, mythology, and vampires. 

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash.

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