Painting that is green, blue, red, orange and yellow splashes with dots of white.

Bargains, Movements I, II & III by William Poole V


Bargains from
the fall
          will call 
out names beyond
your own.


temperate climates
      no more.
steal what you can
      from the bargain store.


Painting that is green, blue, red, orange and yellow splashes with dots of white.

About ‘Bargains, Movements I, II & III’

“I sometimes present femme, but present masc most days out of a survival instinct. I like talking to people because moments are inherently valuable, and the moments in which a person is vulnerable are so scintillating because they remind me of just how beautiful humanity is. How weak we are. How strong we are. The dualities of personhood make me contemplate my own humanity, which helps me become a more self-aware being for all. This poem speaks on our duality of strength or lack thereof in concern to organizing effectively against our complicity in climate change.”

About the artist

William Poole V is a trans nonbinary artist and author who was born in California and came of age in Georgia. They consider themself a galaxian enby under the galactian alignment system, and at this point in publication, they reside in Tempe, Arizona with their roommate & their spirit rocks. This is one of their first publications in the literary world, with a forthcoming book—helado movements i, ii, and iii—being published this summer. follow them on twitter at @williamthemself, instagram @williamthemselves, and tumblr at

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