Photo of black and red burning ground and ash.

‘yes i am actually an aries’ by Aries

yes i am actually an aries

i took my name from the stars,
who did not care. they carved out gaps
between themselves long ago
ripped space apart in their wake
as they strode (burning) away
they left curling cinders of their names behind

and later somebody came with broom and pan
and swept up the cherry-red ash and waited patiently
leaning against the void beyond the void
and when the ash had cooled from red to grey
they cast the stuff over the entire world
and it fell

then rose back up in uncontrollable flurries buoyed by the hot air of a hundred thousand
people breathing out in unison, then spiralled back down to earth in tight corkscrews as a
hundred thousand million people breathed in, and then right before it was subsumed forever
in a billion mouths they felt their nerves snap simultaneously and exhaled once more, sending
the detritus of stars up and up and up and

it breaks the atmosphere. it comes to rest.


a sigh.

About the author

Aries (they/them) is a writer, a reader, and is not actually as knowledgeable about astrology as their name might imply. Things they enjoy include gaming, thinking a lot about gender, TTPRGs, and gaming. Aries writes on the traditional lands of the Wathaurong people of the Kulin nation, and acknowledges that sovereignty was never ceded.

Photo by Pablo Martinez on Unsplash.

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