Photo of the back of a person wearing a backpack, city lights reflective and shining in pinks and blues

Photography by Indigo Eden

1. “anti-social media.”

This piece reflects on the idea of social media and the way we digitize the analog. Thinking about the way we frame ourselves, how we see through our own lenses yet others can see us entirely differently. Are we hiding behind the camera or are we the art within it? How does the way we view ourselves effect the way others view us? 

Blurry pink washed polaroid of a person's face holding a camera

2. “pathofstars”

This is a photo taken to represent the path we take on our joinery to discovering our colors. Whether that be in the terms of gender, sexuality or any other forms of identity, often the path feels long and lonely. What we forget too often is to stop and touch the stars as we go. 


About the artist

Name: Indigo Eden
Country of Residence: U.S
Bio: A queer, non-binary artist looking to discover new colors.
Find me: @perceptualcolors on Instagram

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