Black & white collage artwork featuring numbers in the background with a clock in the top right hand corner, and kids pulling on a rope in the foreground with a moon in the middle

Three new collage artworks by Apu



Black and white collage artwork of ships on the sea and cliffs in the background, with crows in the foreground in the bottom left hand corner, and a person reading a book sitting on one of the cliffs to the right hand side

‘the storyteller’

Black and white collage artwork of a nighttime city in the background. In the foreground is a harlequin and a small person balancing on their arm. There are flowers and leaves down the left hand side of the image.

‘harlequin city’

About the artist

Photo of the artist Apu in a grey shirt with hands crossed in frontApu (Twitter: @Apu_sometree & Instagram: @apu_sometree) is a 37 years old queer non-binary punk, organic gardener/farmer and collage diy artist workin’ and livin’ on a organic seed breeding farm in northern germany.

She’s creatin’ collage artwork for more than 18 years now (doin’ a lot of coops with zines, bands, solidarity projects, collectives…) and is part of a small diy art collective named Theo Collective In the last years Apu created collage artwork for different stunning projects, initiatives, zines, solidarity projects with topics like gender, anarcha-feminism, autonomous & cultural spaces, organic farming, diy ethics, mental health, selfcare, off grid living…

2 thoughts on “Three new collage artworks by Apu

  1. Apu says:

    Reblogged this on Theo collective and commented:
    my collages ‘numbers’, ‘the storyteller’ and ‘harlequin city’
    featured on @enbylife
    wonderful to be part of your project again!
    Apu // Theo Collective


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