‘Fruits of Fancy’ by Toby MacNutt

Fruits of Fancy

“I taste of apple again,” she remarks. And she does,
so I cook her a sharp-cheddar-and-ale soup
which we eat with the warm brown bread
she has baked. I take mine with cider,
which she doesn’t need. For dessert,
I glaze her tongue with cinnamon and sugar
and take her to bed, where we share her taste.
The apples will have fallen by morning.

Photo of red apples flecked with water

About the author

Pronouns: they/them
Bio: Toby MacNutt is a queer disabled artist, author, and teacher living in Burlington, Vermont. Their work has previously been published in Liminality, Twisted Moon, inkscrawl, and other magazines, and in collection as If Not Skin from Aqueduct Press.

Photos by Nathan Hulsey and Sophie Dale on Unsplash

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