photo of black sneakered feet standing on rainbow oil spill

Welcome to #EnbyLife

#EnbyLife is an online journal by and for non-binary and gender diverse people.

We will be open for submissions very soon! If you fall under the gender diverse umbrella (e.g. genderqueer, gender fluid, agender, bi-gender, gender questioning, just to name a few) — we want your: poetry, essays, non-fiction, short stories, flash fiction, comics, artwork, audio and video work, hybrid and experimental pieces, work that doesn’t fall neatly into any category.

Go to our Submissions page for more info!

#EnbyLife started out as a zine, born in July 2016. The zine is still in print on Etsy and available FREE/pay what you want @ Gumroad.

Finally, #EnbyLife also has a Safe Space with helpful resources for non-binary and gender diverse people to seek help and feel welcome. We will continue to build this resource list as we grow.

Photo by Jesse Bowser @ Unsplash

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