Acrylic painting with white cross and black background.

‘Self-Destructive Habits’ by Spencer Moreau

Content warning: drug use.

Self-Destructive Habits

Half a cart of a vape for breakfast,
Stub my ciggie out in a two-step slide,
Filling up with a cheese single for lunch
Now I’m feeling impulsive
There’s something in the water, my scalp itches,
Some 20 vol bleach as a chaser,
Clouds of melon smoke mix with marijuana,
And I’m feeling self-destructive again,
My hair is orange, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this?
I’m on the road again and I want a hoverboard,
I’m not paying two dollars a litre for something
I can’t take off the ground,
But we’re busy arguing whether the planet is dying or not,
Whether the illuminati are creeping in my closet or not,
Whether the internet’s the root of all evil or not
So I’m getting on as a fuck you to Jeff Bezos,
That nerd Zuckerburg, too
Fuck the lot of them, where’s my cyborg arm?
What do you mean I can
Have an ass the size of Jupiter,
But we can’t even travel to Mars?
I’ve been locked in my house for two years,
Now I’m out in the sun, trying to relax in a tree,
But some cunt just bought it, and now
It’s an AirBnB.

Acrylic painting with white cross and black background.

About the author

Spencer Moreau is a creative who loves words. How they sound, look, and feel, and how they have grown and changed over time. They love ancient myths and poems, but they also love scrolling through TikTok for three consecutive hours – so why not join the two? Spencer’s favourite mythological tale is that of King Midas, and their favourite TikTok trend is the Zoolander trend.

Spencer will be performing at Volta on 31 March – a special live event curated by Blue Bottle Journal, #EnbyLife Journal and swim meet lit mag, as part of Queensland Poetry Festival 2023 – Story/Verse.

Note: this poem was first published in ScratchThat

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash.

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