Colour tv screen with error messages

Pixelated love by Shei

I remember staring at TV screen
broadcasting a world out of my reach
pre-formatted happy ever afters
wishing I could fit
into its cathodic bliss

But there was no place
for my deviant programs
my desires could only be played live
bursting out of squared frames
into my world in full color

But we can now watch in wonder
girls kissing under Willow trees
Queens and Queers strutting down runway
Sapphic Sapphires glowing in Moonlight
they may slay our Lexas a Hundred times
we will rise a thousand more

Striking a Pose for the camera
Slaying those ratings One day at a time
for this rainbow revolution
… … will be televised
and those Birdcages
… … will never close again

Colour tv screen

About the author

Shei (they/them) is a queer crafter, tarot reader, chaotic witch, zinester and tea lover. Their work aims to empower marginalized people by helping them find their own magic. You can find them cuddling with their jack russel or on instagram (@godsavethequeer) and check out their work on Etsy.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.

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