Photo of obscured hands holding a candle

‘A Dark Path To Enlightenment’ by May Sim

A Dark Path To Enlightenment

I want to crack open your mind
like a squirrel
hunting for food.
Knock it against some wood.
See if it’s hollow.

I’d unpeel every layer

Let my feet slowly sink in until
only the tops of
my ankle bones are peeking
out of the surface
aflame with confusion.
I’d wa-nd-er  a r o u n d
this cave, is it
your mind?

I’d shout down the tunnels
…wait to see if my answers
echo back.
I’d       walk       to       the       very
            depths              of         your       thoughts       until

She’d find me.
Reach her hand out to mine
pull me through that
last stretch until
I am at the peak.

I am on my knees and
yet I’ve never felt so high.
I’d swallow my candle and
let the light fill me
within until I am leaking
through my paws.

Do you see me now? 

Photo of obscured hands holding a candle

About the author

May Sim (she/her): I’m a queer third year student in my final year of my bachelor’s degree, studying a major in literature at Deakin University. I have a passion for feminism, mental health, equality, and the environment, which I try to write about in my poetry. I also love travelling, most of my poetry I wrote recently was while I easy away for a semester abroad in Iceland 2019.

Photo by Prateek Gautam on Unsplash.

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