‘State of Dysphoria’ by Frank Candiloro

Trigger warning: body dysphoria

Illustration of a person wearing a black mask around their eyes, black flowing hair, their body etched with scars as they wipe lipstick from their lips with a red manicured hand.

About the artist

Frank Candiloro is a comic writer/illustrator from Melbourne, Australia, having self-published over 20 comics under the publishing label of FrankenComics. Although these comics take influence from classic genres such as horror, sci-fi, westerns among others, they have an autobiographical emphasis in that they incorporate elements of their own life as an Agender person; these themes include body dysphoria, identity, gender and relating these themes through the more fantastical aspects of genre fiction. These comics have also been nominated for several awards, and one of them, “Monster Zero”, won the Bronze Ledger Award in 2015.

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