Photo of a person wearing roller blades mid-fall in a white bathroom

BOOGIE/TF BACK UP by Mitch E. Vicieux

BOOGIE/TF BACK UP from Mitch E. Vicieux on Vimeo.

Artist Statement

How can gender-segregated spaces become activated by non-binary bodies? Why does American culture uplift the transformation of body in fitness and sport, but designate the transgender metamorphosis as ‘unnatural’? Inspired by the aesthetics of fitness, action sport, and internet comedy editing, BOOGIE/TF BACK UP demonstrates the challenging path of public transition and self identification.

BOOGIE Still 1

Examining the gesture of falling and getting up, the action is correlated to the resilience of trans lives, and the limits the community is willing to push to identify authentically. Falling in rollerblades, referred to as ‘Fruit Booters’ in the machismo-filled realm of action sports, notates the pervasiveness of gender within the American cultural perspective. This experimental film short uses the dialogue between space, form, and a pair of trans lovers to explore where boundaries of gender are rigid, or fluid.

Photo of a person in roller blades crouched on the floor after falling in a gym

BOOGIE/TF BACK UP presents a launching point for experimental film involving the physical aspects of gender exploration and bodily transition. Exploring the intersections of sports science, athleisure, and gender identity opens a broader discussion with how objects, spaces, activities, and personas are defined by an intangible social construct.  Shot through the eyes of two trans individuals, this video piece urges an authentic look at body modification, the trials of transformation, and the joy of working with others who share your experience.

Performer: Mitch E. Vicieux
Cinematographer: Cam Vicieux

Photo of a person in roller blades crouched on the floor after falling in a gym

About the artist

Pronouns: They/Them
Bio: Mitch E. Vicieux is an activist filmmaker from St. Louis, Missouri. With experimentation as their top priority, Mitch has worked in charcoal, painting, sculpture, digital media, and more. Their current practice engages with public performance and fitness to discuss trans-masculinity and the transformation of body. Currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Art: Art & Technology at The Ohio State University, Mitch is eager to get involved in the Columbus community by engaging with local community organizations, including the Kaleidoscope Youth Center, YAM! Magazine, and Arts Stop.

Credit: This piece was originally showcased at Dilenschneider Gallery, Columbus, OH.

Photo of a person wearing roller blades mid-fall in a white bathroom

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