Photo of a clear tea cup with a blooming flower tea

Two poems by Kian Hall

Screen shot of a poem with the following text: Brewed A quiet afternoon mum, dad, and tea The kettle chimes a welcome change to that old whistle Tea leaves stir through glass pot as water stains from clear to gold On the fridge, a photo gives me pause four children's faces three siblings And a stranger

Photo of a clear tea cup with a blooming flower tea

Lipstick and Binders

From my drawer
a desire to be noticed
low cut and daring
bright and sparkling
it holds me close
accentuating curves
No room for doubt

From my drawer
woven identity
skin-tight black tee
V-neck accentuated
by rainbow pendant
it holds me close
No room for doubt

In the bathroom
a fussing hour
face shaven clean
lipstick applied
bra adjusted
chest thrust out
Satisfied, I leave

In the bathroom
a sceptical glance
binder in place
hair the right mess
invisible stubble
flat chest
Hesitantly, I leave

In public
sore feet take time
heels propel to great heights
an arm around my friend
we lean in close
snap a selfie
Commemorating youth

In public
a goofy selfie
shut out the world
and their questioning gazes
seek shelter and friends
in the immortal online
Password protected

At home I strip
skirt and bra

At home I strip
jeans and rainbow


About the author:

Pronouns: They/them
Bio: Kian Hall is an emerging writer who recently chased their parents to Melbourne, and is currently living in a queer house in Footscray. They are passionate about diverse representation, and are currently taking a break from a bachelor of creative writing to focus on their first novel and managing their Elhers Danlos syndrome. They have previously been published in Cordite’s Transqueer edition for a poem that examined the intersection between disability and being gender queer.

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash.

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